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Decks are a key component in any landscape. They play a big part in outdoor hosting, summer barbecues and pool parties aren't at their full potential without them. But having any old timber deck just won't cut it, what you want is a premium deck. An outdoor deck that depicts elegance, style and functionality. You can only get that with Leaves Green we are one of the only accredited decking installers in Melbourne's eastern suburbs. That means we are in the top tiers of Melbourne's decking game. 
  We specialise in all types of timber decking and are using some, top of the line, new and emerging decking products. Mod wood is one of our favourites, being environmentally friendly and quick to install it has recently become one of our most popular decks. 
  We do it all when it comes to decks, from resurfacing old decks and sanding them back. To creating new pool decks. We have experience in laying timber patios and constructing built-in timber benches for practical storage space. we have also installed large entertaining platforms. 

What Is Mod Wood?

ModWood is a versatile and durable alternative to timber. It is stylish and Eco-friendly which is why it's one of our most popular Decking materials this season. ModWood is a composite of a recycled plastic and wood which is why it has such a natural look and feel. Being splinter free makes it the perfect family friendly surface for all out door areas.    

Decks & Materials

When it comes to Decking, we know Melbourne expects the best. And thats what you get when we are working for you. We don't settle for materials that aren't of the highest standards. When searching for suppliers, we sought out Eco-Friendly companies that boast Sustainable Resources and eco-friendly materials. So we can feel good about Our Work. And So Can You!

Our Quotes

Quotes for all our work is completely  free - Who doesn't love free stuff?! Contact us today, for an obligation free Quote. Just remember, we will require a 40% deposit before we can confirm a scheduled commencement  date for your job. If you have a reasonable written quote thats cheaper than ours, let us know and we will match it.*

Our Guarantee 

Decking can be a dangerous game, especially if you don't follow the rules. Cutting corners often leaves unsafe conditions and unsatisfied customers. These things are our kryptonite. We at Leaves Green are so confident in our work that we offer a 4 year Guarantee* on all our decks.

* - conditions apply

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