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Building Retaining Walls with us

Across the ages Man kind has built many walls, some are built to keep things out others to separate land and people. But since the first wall was built some 11,500 years ago we have endeavoured to use walls for a greater good. We have rebuilt the status quo by using walls to retain soil not people, to separate landscape levels not countries. This is the birth of the retaining wall as we know it. 

Retaining walls are the foundation to any landscape. They have the versatility to manipulate garden area and create spaces out of thin air. Retaining walls come in many shapes, styles and sizes. Here at Leaves Green we have mastered them all. So wether you want a pine retaining wall or prefer concrete sleepers, you can have faith in us.

Our dedicated landscape Guru's are experts in construction. We can help you pick the right wall for the job. And ensure your wall is built to approved specifications. We take the construction of all our retaining walls very seriously and undertake every measure possible to provide safe and long lasting retaining walls.

At Leaves Green we elevate our retaining walls to the top of our industry. We don't cut corners as it can jeopardise the structural integrity. We provide a 100% service for every wall no matter the size, style or material. This means we take care to install the proper  drainage. Including black plastic to reduce water leakage and to funnel run off through scoria into drainage pipes which we will connect to your storm water. There are many additions we offer for retaining walls. (beveled edges, in bedded lighting, painting and staining)

Picking the right Wall

When choosing which material and style of retaining wall to construct there are many contributing factors to consider. i.e. personal preferences, height, length, what the wall is retaining, pre existing structures, drainage points and your budget. We are committed to assisting you with everything from the planning stage right through to the finishing touches. 

We won't rest until you are 100% satisfied with the job. and thats a promise.

Our Materials

When it comes to Retaining walls in Melbourne, we believe that we are amongst the best. So we don't settle for materials that don't meet our standards. When searching for suppliers, we sought out Local, Eco-Friendly companies that boast Sustainable Resources. So we can feel good about Our Work and So Can You!

The Quote

 Quotes for Retaining walls are free -      Who doesn't love free stuff?! Contact us today on 0413 477 212 for an obligation free Quote. Just remember, we will require a 40% deposit before we can confirm a scheduled commencement  date for your job. We encourage our clients to ask questions.

Our Guarantee 

Landscaping can be a dangerous game if you don't follow the rules. Cutting corners often leaves unsafe conditions and unsatisfied customers. These things are our kryptonite. At Leaves Green we are so confident in our work that we offer a 5year Guarantee* on retaining walls*. 

* - conditions apply

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'Melbourne is a beautiful city, it's only natural for you to have a beautiful Landscape.'

..Leaving your neighbours Green, with garden envy..

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