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When thinking fences there's a lot to consider. First is the style, colour and design, what style of fence is suited to your house or yard? Does your cottage like house feel incomplete without a white picket fence?  Second is the material, is it economical and practical? Perhaps your provincial home is lacking a wrought iron gate? 
   And the third is 'How?' because, it's important you achieve your desired look without blowing out your budget. At Leaves Green we are here for you and to answer all your questions. We are experts in fences, thats why we are Accredited by AIBN, and contracted by Tandem insurance builders. 
  Having built thousands of metres of fences over the past years, we have a vast knowledge of different fencing types to suite every home and every budget. And we know what it takes to make sure a fence withstands the test of time and is kept looking fine. 
  Take our 'lapped and capped' pine fences for example, (one of the most economical and popular fences we offer) which are featured in the above photos. These pine fences are secured to cypress posts. The pine palings overlap each other and are topped with capping. The capping covers the tops of the palings to deter weathering and bowing. We also use a treated pine plinth at the bottom of the palings to further protect them from termites and absorbing excess moisture in the soil. These preventative measures increase the longevity of the fence and make for a beautiful fence at an affordable price. We believe in doing it right and making it last.

Why Pick Us?

Fencing is a competitive industry, and we understand that. What sets us apart is that we are accredited Fencers. We have the highest quality of affordable Fences. And have mastered a wide range of styles, from colour bond fences to lapped and capped pine fences. We custom make gates, for your car or for you. We can paint stain or varnish your timber fences. We also offer a *3 year Guarantee* on all our fences. 

Our Materials

When it comes to Fencing in Melbourne, we believe that we are amongst the best. So we don't settle for materials that don't meet our standards. When searching for suppliers, we sought out Eco-Friendly companies that boast Sustainable Resources. (like using recycled concrete aggregate instead of blue metal) So we can feel good about Our Work, and so can you.

Out with the Old (fence) in with the New...

Is your current fence, like a rusty boat with holes in the bottom? Not really serving its purpose, and on its last legs? We offer full demolition and removal of old fences so that you can gain back the privacy of your yard and get started on installing the new and improved fence of your dreams.

Our Guarantee 

At Leaves Green we are so confident in our work that we offer a *3 year Guarantee* on all our fences. So you know we are serious about safety and satisfaction.

* - conditions apply

We specialise in pine fences, colour bond fences, brick sandstone and bluestone walls, timber or wood fence & fencing, merbau decks and timber or mod wood decking, gardens and gardening

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..Leaving your neighbours Green, with garden envy..

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