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Why Pick Us For Your Landscape

 Landscaping is not just moving earth and erecting retaining walls. Landscaping is about creating, and nurturing growth, it is about accessing untapped potential in your landscape and reinventing the way you see your garden.We understand that every landscape is unique, and they come in different shapes and sizes. We also understand that your idea of the perfect landscape is unlikely to be the same as Bobs from down the street. 

That's why we listen to what you have to say. And incorporate your ideas and values into your landscape designs. The easiest way to figure out what landscape is right for you is to think about functionality and practicality. What do you want your garden to do for you? Do you want a space for the Kids to play? Or perhaps your kids are no longer children, and you need a space for entertaining and barbecues. Perhaps all you really want is a beautiful array of colours and a sunny nook to read your book. 

We can cater to any design on any scale. And we offer the highest quality in affordable landscapes. We specialise in building retaining walls, raised garden beds, laying real or synthetic turf, excavation, building multiple tier garden beds, soil works, installing irrigation systems and much more.

Our passion for landscaping and our dedication to customers, is what puts us in the upper echelon of Melbourne's landscape and garden care industry. We have never had a job we couldn't complete or a customer that wasn't 100% satisfied with our work. And we are truly proud of this. Although we are a 'small business', we have big aspirations, and bigger expectations of ourselves and of our work.  We aim to beautify Melbourne one garden at a time, Because we believe that Melbourne is a Beautiful City, and it's only natural for you to have a beautiful landscape.

Your Design

We understand what your garden can mean to you, and how important having the right Landscape Design can be. Whether you have a complete design with a planting schedule, an irrigation system and a 'one of a kind' water feature, or just an idea you borrowed from a friend paired with a photo off google. We will help you to match your dream design with your budget, whilst creating an invitingly attractive yet practical landscape. 

Our Materials

When it comes to Landscape and Garden Care in Melbourne, we believe that we are amongst the best. So we don't settle for materials that don't meet our standards. When searching for suppliers, we sought out Eco-Friendly companies that boast Sustainable Resources. So we can feel good about Our Work. And So Can You!

The Quote

Quotes for Landscaping and Landscape Design are free - Who doesn't love free stuff?! Contact us today, for an obligation free Quote. Just remember, we will require a 40% deposit before we can confirm a scheduled commencement  date for your job. We encourage our clients to ask questions.

Our Guarantee 

Landscaping is a dangerous game, especially if you don't follow the rules. Cutting corners often leaves unsafe conditions and unsatisfied customers. These things are our kryptonite. We at Leaves Green are so confident in our work that we offer a 5year Guarantee* on retaining walls, a 3year warranty* on all plants we plant (where we have also installed an irrigation system). And a 7year guarantee on synthetic turfs* and paving*. 

* - conditions apply

We specialise in pine fences, colour bond fences, brick sandstone and bluestone walls, timber or wood fence & fencing, merbau decks and timber or mod wood decking, gardens and gardening

our team are amazing at pruning, hedging,planting,green waste removal, pressure cleaning,maintenance, repairs and new irrigation systems, water features, small slabs, concrete, planting trees, plants, herbs, flowers, fruit trees

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'Melbourne is a beautiful city, it's only natural for you to have a beautiful Landscape.'

..Leaving your neighbours Green, with garden envy..

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